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Replacement of missing teeth using dental implants


Dental implants are precision milled titanium screw-like devices, which are placed into the jawbone where a tooth/teeth are missing. As you are aware titanium can be milled by various manufacturers. As a result, different manufacturers will give you different quality of dental implants.  At Tooting Bec Dental Practice, we use only the very best dental implants, and avoid the cheaper ranger of implants as evidence has shown that the cheaper implants suffer more bone loss over the years, and hence fail in the long term.


The dental implants used at Tooting Bec Dental Practice have been shown to actually stimulate bone formation when compared to other types of dental implants. It is also important to recognise that dental implants have a 95-98% 15-35 year lifespan. Although all of the above must take into account that the statistics and information may vary between clinicians and their individual skills.


A CT scan is more routinely recommended nowadays, to enable your dentist to accurately establish the available bone volume, to then carefully plan the placement of your dental implant. The CT scan is regarded as the ‘Blueprint” of the site for your surgeon to gain more information to plan your treatment.  The implant is then placed into position with the highest skill and precision into an exact angle and in all dimensions.


The implant is then allowed to remain in place for a period of around 3-6 months whilst a process called osseointegration takes place, where the bone surrounds and attaches itself to the implant, whilst holding it very firmly in place.


An implant abutment and crown is then seated into position and radiographs (x-rays) are taken to always confirm the precision of your entire treatment.





Initial Consultation

Whether you want to improve your smile, or replace your loose dentures with fixed teeth or even if you want to replace a single missing tooth, why not arrange a consultation with us.


At this initial consultation, we will discuss the most important concerns you have, so that we can work together to find a solution. We will take into account your medical and dental history a design a treatment plan to suit your needs.


We would discuss all the available options for your missing teeth.


We discuss the various options that are available for your comfort during treatment. Sedation is a most preferred option for patient comfort, in addition to local anaesthetic.


We encourage and in fact recommend that you bring along a close friend or a member of your family, or any loved one, as we find that the more feedback we can obtain, the better we would be able to design your treatment plan and meet your personal needs.


We will then give you a specific tailor-made treatment plan just for you, where we will highlight all the costs, the treatment details and the individual stages of your treatment.


At this visit, we will decide your suitability for dental implants, and then advise whether a CBCT scan is preferred for your case or not.


You will be given plenty of time to ask questions and raise an awareness to all your concerns


CBCT Scan discussion

At this visit, we will discussion your CBCT scan and the dimensions of the available bone to place a dental Implant


Implant Placement Appointment

The Implant planning is very exact in nature. The clinician would then place the implant in a very specific position to replace where your own tooth used to be. This way we can aim to get to an end result as close to what your natural tooth used to be.


Sutures are then used to allow the wound to heal naturally and allow the implant to be accepted by the body by a process called osseointegration. We then leave the site to heal for 3-6cmonths.


Soft tissue contouring

During this stage, the clinician will expose the implant screw to place a precision attachment to further allow the gums to heal in an exact position, by using something called a healing abutment. This “tells” the gums exactly how we would like it to heal.


Impression Stage

Your dentist will then take very precise impressions to supply a skilled laboratory technician in a specialist dental laboratory. He would then fabricate stone models from the moulds of your mouth and proceed to hand craft brand new teeth, custom made for you.


You finally get your teeth

The day finally arrives when you would then get your teeth! We would schedule an appointment to match that beautiful smile with some brand new teeth. We would fit a custom made abutment to the restorations. The abutment is a specially fabricated titanium fitting which would cinnent either a crown or bridge or overdenture to the implant which was fitted into the bone of your jaw.


Follow-up Care

You would be given both verbal and written instructions to ensure you are fully informed of the procedure after each stage of advice and treatment.


Maintenance and recalls

The after care of implants is very specifically recommended by the ADI (Association of Dental Implantology) UK.


You should frequently attend for hygienist visits every 3-6 monthly. Your dentist would recommend a 6 monthly review and recall every 6 monthly with x-rays to view the level of bone around a dental implant.


Medication and Antibiotics

We would generally prescribe medication and antibiotics as and when required to ensure that we always keep you comfortable before, during and after treatment. We generally prescribed one lot of medication a day before surgery commences. We will always ensure we take good care of you whenever you need us.


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Cost of Treatment


This is assuming a 1 week stay at the end of June 2009

Excludes bone Augmentation and Sinus elevations cost abroad or in the UK.

CT Scan Treatment Table


CT scan referral

CT scan

CT scan discussion

CT scan report

Implant Placement

Bone Augmentation

Implant Abutment

Implant Crown

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